Best AI Story Generator: 9 Must-Try Free AI Story Generators That Will Transform Your Creativity Forever!

Unleash Your Creativity: 9 Best Free AI Story Generators to Kickstart Your Writing


Have you ever stared at a blank page, writer’s block gripping you with its icy fingers? Or maybe you have tons of ideas but struggle to get them into a coherent story? That’s where the magic of AI story generators comes in.

These innovative tools use the power of artificial intelligence to help you brainstorm, write, and refine your stories in ways you never imagined possible. And the best part? There’s an amazing array of free AI story generators waiting to ignite your creativity.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the world of free AI storytelling tools. Get ready to discover hidden gems that will become your new favorite writing companions!

Top 7 Best AI Story Generators (Free)

What is the best AI for story generating for free

  1. ShortlyAI: Your AI Writing Sidekick

    ShortlyAI is like your own personal AI writing assistant, designed to elevate your creative writing experience. Its user-friendly interface facilitates both free-form writing and guided prompts, offering a versatile platform to shape your narrative. Whether you’re grappling with writer’s block and need a few sentences or aiming to generate entire scenes, ShortlyAI adapts to your needs seamlessly.

    Key Features:

    • Customizable Output Lengths: Tailor the length of the generated content according to your preferences, whether it’s just a snippet or an entire paragraph.
    • Versatile Writing Capabilities: Suitable for a wide range of creative endeavors, ShortlyAI proves effective for crafting short stories, developing long-form narratives, and sparking creative brainstorming sessions.

    Best for:

    Writers seeking a flexible tool to boost their imagination at any stage of the writing process. Whether you need a quick creative spark or looking to dive deep into the intricacies of your storyline, ShortlyAI stands ready to assist.

  2. Rytr: The All-Around Creative Powerhouse

    Rytr is more than just an AI story generator; it’s a versatile writing toolbox. Dive into a world of creative possibilities with a variety of writing styles and tones to play with. Shift effortlessly between crafting a whimsical fairy tale or a gritty thriller – Rytr provides the canvas, and you’re the artist. If you’re looking for fresh plot ideas, Rytr’s got you covered with its plot generation features.

    Key Features:

    • Multiple Writing Styles and Tones: Explore a diverse range of writing styles and tones to suit your creative vision.
    • Built-in Tools for Plot Development: Need help shaping your story’s plot? Rytr comes equipped with built-in tools for plot development.
    • Ideal for Exploring Diverse Creative Projects: Whether you’re into fantasy, mystery, or science fiction, Rytr is the ideal companion for writers who love experimenting with different genres.

    Best for:

    Writers who love experimenting with different genres and want a versatile tool that can support all their storytelling needs. Rytr is your creative powerhouse, ready to turn your imaginative ideas into captivating narratives.

  3. InferKit: Simplicity Meets Creativity

    If you’re seeking a beginner-friendly option that’s a breeze to use, InferKit is a great choice. Its interface is straightforward, allowing you to focus on getting those creative juices flowing. While it may seem simple on the surface, InferKit packs a surprising punch with its various text generation capabilities.

    Key Features:

    • Easy-to-Navigate Interface: InferKit’s user-friendly interface ensures a seamless experience, letting you concentrate on your creativity without navigating complex menus.
    • Supports Different Creative Text Formats: From poems to scripts, InferKit is versatile in supporting various creative text formats, providing a broad canvas for your imaginative expressions.
    • No Steep Learning Curve: Dive into AI-powered writing with ease. InferKit is designed for newcomers, eliminating any daunting learning curves commonly associated with advanced AI tools.

    Best for:

    Newcomers to AI-powered writing who want to test the waters without feeling overwhelmed. InferKit offers a simple yet powerful entry point into the world of AI-generated content, making it an ideal choice for those taking their first steps in AI-assisted creativity.

  4. NovelAI: Build Your Immersive Story World

    NovelAI stands out as a unique gem in the world of AI story generators, particularly excelling in long-form storytelling and crafting immersive, interactive experiences. This tool allows you to customize nearly every aspect of your story – characters, setting, plot – with incredible detail. What sets NovelAI apart is its collaborative features, enabling you to team up with fellow writers to craft epic adventures.

    Key Features:

    • In-Depth Customization Options for Worldbuilding and Storytelling: Dive into the intricacies of your narrative with NovelAI’s comprehensive customization options, allowing you to shape the world and story with meticulous detail.
    • Collaborative Writing Features: Embrace the power of collaboration by teaming up with fellow writers. NovelAI facilitates a shared creative space for crafting stories together.
    • Focus on Longer Narratives: Tailored for writers with a penchant for longer narratives, NovelAI provides the tools and features necessary to weave intricate and expansive tales.

    Best for:

    Writers who dream of building complex worlds, co-authoring stories, or prefer a more hands-on approach with their AI writing tools. NovelAI caters to those with a passion for detailed storytelling, offering a canvas for crafting expansive narratives and the collaborative tools to bring these stories to life with others.

  5. AI Dungeon: Choose Your Own AI Adventure

    AI Dungeon introduces a refreshingly different approach to AI storytelling. Departing from traditional story formats, it offers an interactive, text-based adventure where your choices actively shape how the narrative unfolds. Brace yourself to step into fantastical worlds, solve puzzles, and encounter unexpected challenges – all powered by AI.

    Key Features:

    • Text-Based Adventure Game Format: Dive into an engaging narrative presented in a text-based adventure game format, providing a unique and dynamic storytelling experience.
    • Your Actions Steer the Direction of the Narrative: Experience the thrill of actively influencing the plot as your choices guide the unfolding story in unexpected directions.
    • Unique, Highly Customizable Experience: AI Dungeon offers a one-of-a-kind and highly customizable storytelling experience, allowing you to tailor the adventure to your preferences.

    Best for:

    Writers seeking a playful and immersive storytelling experience where they play an active role in developing the plot. AI Dungeon invites you to be the architect of your narrative destiny, offering a dynamic and interactive platform for crafting stories that respond to your every decision.

  6. Talk to Transformer: Explore the Raw Power of AI

    Talk to Transformer is an experimental AI story generator that opens the door to incredible customization. While it may not strictly adhere to traditional story writing, it serves as a fantastic sandbox for delving into the potential of AI language models. If you’re technically inclined and curious about how AI can generate text, this tool provides a fascinating exploration.

    Key Features:

    • Highly Customizable Text Generation Options: Unleash your creativity with a wide range of customization options, allowing you to tailor the generated text according to your preferences.
    • Experimental, Open-Ended Format: Engage with an experimental and open-ended format, providing a canvas for exploration and innovation in AI-driven storytelling.
    • Offers Insights into the Inner Workings of AI Language Models: Gain a deeper understanding of AI language models as you witness the tool’s capabilities, offering insights into the raw power of artificial intelligence in text generation.

    Best for:

    Tech-savvy writers and those intrigued by the raw potential and limitations of artificial intelligence in storytelling. Talk to Transformer invites you to navigate the frontiers of AI language models, providing an experimental playground for those eager to explore the capabilities of AI in generating diverse and dynamic text.

  7. Plot Generator: Your Spark of Inspiration

    Sometimes all you need is that initial spark to ignite your story. Enter Plot Generator! This handy tool specializes in generating plot outlines, surprise twists, and fresh ideas that can kickstart your writing journey.

    Key Features:

    • Specializes in Generating Plot-Related Elements: Plot Generator excels in crafting plot outlines, ensuring a strong foundation for your narrative.
    • Helps to Overcome Writer’s Block: Combat writer’s block by leveraging the tool’s ability to generate creative and unexpected plot elements.
    • Offers Diverse Prompts and Unexpected Scenarios: Immerse yourself in a world of diverse prompts and unexpected scenarios, providing a pathway to break out of familiar plot patterns and explore new possibilities.

    Best for:

    Writers who need a jumpstart for their stories or seek a way to break out of familiar plot patterns. Plot Generator serves as your go-to tool for sparking inspiration, offering a variety of prompts and ideas to propel your writing forward with creativity and originality.

  8. Squibler: The Writer’s Swiss Army Knife

    Squibler touts itself as a versatile tool for writers, offering features that extend beyond just generating storylines. If you’re seeking a comprehensive companion throughout the entire writing process, Squibler is worth exploring.

    Key Features:

    • Outline and Brainstorming Tools: Unleash your creativity with powerful outline and brainstorming tools, helping you structure and develop your ideas effectively.
    • Editing and Polishing Features: Elevate your writing with editing and polishing features, ensuring your drafts are refined and polished to perfection.
    • Focus on the Complete Writing Process, Not Just Idea Generation: Squibler goes beyond mere idea generation, placing a strong emphasis on supporting you throughout the complete writing process.

    Best for:

    Writers seeking an AI assistant to support all stages of their project, from initial brainstorming to refining the final draft. Squibler stands as a comprehensive writing companion, offering the tools and features necessary to enhance your writing experience from conception to completion.

  9. StoryLab AI: Get Started at No Cost

    StoryLab AI provides a solid foundation for exploring AI storytelling. With customizable settings to tailor the tone and direction of your generated content, it stands as an accessible entry point into the world of AI-assisted creativity. Notably, StoryLab AI offers a free plan, allowing you to test the waters and unleash your creative side without any cost barriers.

    Key Features:

    • Customizable Settings: Tailor the tone and direction of your generated content with customizable settings, ensuring a personalized storytelling experience.
    • Get Started at No Cost: Take advantage of the free plan, enabling you to explore the capabilities of StoryLab AI without any financial commitment.

    Best for:

    Writers looking to explore AI storytelling without incurring costs. StoryLab AI’s free plan offers an opportunity to dive into the world of AI-generated content, allowing you to experiment and unleash your creativity without any initial financial investment.

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FAQs About The Best AI Story Generator

  1. Can I use AI story generators to write a fantasy novel?

    • Absolutely! Many AI story generators (like NovelAI) allow you to customize genres and settings. Look for tools with features like worldbuilding, character profiles, and detailed plot customization.
  2. Are stories written with AI generators eligible for copyright protection?

    • This is a complex legal question with some gray areas. Generally, AI-generated text alone may not be copyrightable, but a story you heavily edit, revise, and shape using an AI tool as a base could be eligible. Always research current copyright laws and consult a legal professional if needed.
  3. Do I need technical skills to use AI story generators?

    • Not at all! Most of the free tools we listed are designed to be beginner-friendly. If you want to dive deeper into code and customization, some tools (like Talk to Transformer) offer that option, but it’s not a requirement.
  4. Will AI story generators make human writers obsolete?

    • Definitely not (or so we hope!) AI story generators are powerful tools, but they cannot replicate the unique voice, creativity, and emotional depth of a human writer. Think of them as assistants to spark your imagination, not as replacements.


Best Free AI story generator

The world of free AI story generators is incredibly exciting and holds enormous potential. Whether you’re a seasoned writer looking for a new source of inspiration or a complete beginner eager to start your storytelling journey, these tools offer a fantastic way to unleash your imagination.

Keep in mind that AI story generators are not here to replace human creativity. Instead, think of them as powerful partners on your writing adventures. Experiment, play, and let these tools surprise you with the incredible stories you can craft together.

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