I Put Atlas VPN Free to the Test and Was Shocked | Must-Read Review (2024)

Welcome to another Free VPN review! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect free VPN, you’re in the right place. Before we dive into today’s review, make sure to check out my previous post where I covered the Best Free VPN 2024: A Thorough Exploration and Guide. It’s a goldmine of information that can help you find the ideal VPN for your needs. Now, let’s jump into Atlas VPN free Review

Atlas VPN Free Review: Privacy with Trade-offs

Public Wi-Fi is a privacy nightmare, and paying for a VPN isn’t always an option. We know that Free VPNs rarely equal premium ones, but Atlas VPN tries to defy expectations with privacy features never found at no cost, Atlas VPN touts itself as the secure free alternative. But is that too good to be true? Let’s find out

Atlas VPN – Best Free VPN for Privacy?

atlas VPN free review. best free VPN for Privacy

Product Specifications

  • ✅Multi-hop: Yes
  • ⛔Camouflage Mode: No
  • ✅Kill switch: Yes
  • ✅Split Tunneling: Yes
  • ✅Netflix: Yes
  • ✅Torrenting: Yes
  • website: Atlasvpn.com

The Good Stuff

  • Privacy Focused: Atlas VPN goes beyond just hiding your IP. It includes a tracker blocker and a tool to alert you if your email leaks in data breaches.
  • Decent Speeds: While you’ll always get slower speeds with a free VPN, Atlas VPN is surprisingly usable for everyday browsing.
  • Multiple Devices: Install it on whatever you like! Great if you’ve got a phone, laptop, etc., and want at least a basic layer of protection.
  • Netflix Potential: Atlas VPN can sometimes sneak past streaming restrictions, but don’t expect flawless access all the time.

The Snags

  • Small Data Allowance: That 5GB per month won’t get you far with streaming or hefty downloads. Keep an eye on usage or risk running out.
  • Limited Locations: Only three free servers limit where you can pretend to be online. Good for basic unblocking, bad for niche sites.
  • One at a Time: Like some other free VPNs, you can only use Atlas VPN on one of your devices actively at a time.
  • Give Up Your Email: Signing up isn’t anonymous, which some privacy-minded folks might dislike.

Who is Atlas VPN’s Free Plan Best For?

  • Security on a Budget: If you want protection on public Wi-Fi and care about online trackers, Atlas VPN delivers more than basic free VPNs.
  • Occasional Streamers: If you only want to unblock the odd show or movie here and there, that 5GB data might be enough.
  • Single-Device Users: Perfect if you mainly want protection on your phone or laptop, but not multiple devices at once.

Who Might Want Something Different

  • Data-Hungry Users: 5GB won’t last long if you download, stream heavily, or game. Look for a free VPN with more data or a paid option.
  • Multi-Device Households: One connection at a time is a pain! If you need a VPN on several devices at once, consider a different service.
  • Ultimate Anonymity Seekers: Atlas VPN does well for its class, but still logs some data. True privacy buffs might want a paid VPN with a stricter zero-log policy.

The Verdict

Atlas VPN’s free tier stands out if you prioritize privacy features but don’t need massive amounts of data. If limitations like the one-connection rule aren’t a dealbreaker, it’s a solid contender.

Social Media Access

The Good:

  • Basic encryption and the ability to switch your virtual location can help you access social media platforms blocked either by governments or restrictive networks (like at school or work).

The Limitations:

  • Limited Server Choice: Only three locations might not include the one you need to bypass restrictions.
  • Speed: Slowdowns on a free VPN can make scrolling and uploading to social media sluggish.
  • Privacy Note: While Atlas VPN shields your activity from snoops on the network, remember it does have some logging practices.

Netflix Unblocking

The Potential:

  • Atlas VPN can bypass Netflix’s geo-restrictions, er.. sometimes… Success depends heavily on the specific server.

Expect Some Frustration:

  • Free VPNs are constantly in an arms race with streaming services. A server that works today might be blocked by Netflix tomorrow.
  • Data is Key: Atlas VPN’s 5GB limit makes it unrealistic for regular streaming, even if you do get lucky and find a working server.

Additional Considerations:

  • Referral Bonus: Refer a friend to Atlas VPN for an extra week of premium access, temporarily boosting your data and location options.
  • Free Isn’t Perfect“: Expect trial and error with both social media and Netflix. Atlas VPN can work but be prepared to test servers and be okay with some glitches.

Notable Mention:

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Online Gaming

Why Atlas VPN Likely Isn’t Great for Gaming:

  • Speed is King: Most online games demand a fast, responsive connection. Free VPNs, including Atlas VPN, will generally slow you down, leading to lag and potentially making games unplayable.
  • Ping Matters: VPNs nearly always increase ping, worsening your experience.
  • Data Drain: Online games eat through data surprisingly quickly. Atlas VPN’s 5GB limit will vanish in a few lengthy gaming sessions.
  • Disconnections: Free VPNs can be less stable, leading to dropped connections and frustrating interruptions in gameplay.
  • Geo-blocking Dodging: This could theoretically work with Atlas VPN, but those three server locations aren’t likely to cover every niche game or region-locked server you might encounter.

When Atlas VPN Might Be “Okay” (But Not Ideal) for Gaming:

  • Turn-Based Games: If you play slower games where split-second timing doesn’t matter, Atlas VPN’s speed hit might be tolerable.
  • Security on the Go: It can protect your connection on public Wi-Fi if you’re casually gaming away from home. Just don’t expect peak performance.
  • Single-Player: If the game doesn’t require any internet connection, Atlas VPN can enhance your browsing privacy for guides, updates, etc. on the side.

The Bottom Line:
Atlas VPN free plan isn’t a serious contender for most gamers. If gaming is a priority, you’ll either need to tolerate the limitations in very casual scenarios or consider a paid VPN specifically optimized for low latency and minimal speed impact.

Scenarios Where Atlas VPN’s Free Plan Might Fit and Fall Short

Atlas VPN Might Be Suitable For:

  • Light, Privacy-Minded Browsing: If you primarily do light web browsing, check email, and are concerned about security on public Wi-Fi, Atlas VPN offers more than the barebones free VPN. The tracker blocker and breach monitor are bonuses.
  • Occasional Geo-Restriction Bypassing: If you only rarely need to unblock a website restricted to a specific country, Atlas VPN’s three server locations might get the job done with some trial and error.
  • Infrequent Streaming Bursts: That 5GB data is restrictive, but if you only need to stream a very specific (and hopefully short) video now and then, the referral bonus could temporarily boost your data and unlock a few more viewing options.
  • Single-Device Users on a Budget: If you mainly need protection on just your phone or laptop, Atlas VPN works, with the understanding that you can’t have it active on multiple gadgets at once.

Atlas VPN Is Likely Unsuitable For:

  • Heavy Data Users: Streaming, downloading, and online gaming will quickly eat through that 5GB limit. Look for higher-data free options or consider a paid VPN. e.g., Surfshark Free Trial Review (2024): A Surprisingly Generous Offering The Best Free VPN?
  • Speed Demons: If you’re impatient, Atlas VPN’s speed slowdown might be too much to handle. Some other free VPNs are a bit faster, though often at the cost of data allowance.
  • Multi-Device Households: One connection at a time is inconvenient. Get a free VPN with true multi-device support, or look into a paid family plan.
  • True Anonymity Seekers: Atlas VPN does some logging. If your privacy needs are paramount, research strictly ‘no-log’ VPNs, often requiring a paid subscription.

Please note: “Free” Always Has Trade-offs!

Atlas VPN is compelling in some ways for a free VPN, but it’s vital to understand what sacrifices you’re making in terms of data restrictions, speed, and server choice.

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Atlas VPN FAQs

1. Can I use Atlas VPN’s free plan for torrenting?

  • Yes, but the data cap and potential slowdowns make it better for smaller torrent files and occasional use.

2. Is using Atlas VPN’s free version enough to stay safe on public Wi-Fi?

  • It’s a significant improvement over no protection, but be aware of data limits and understand its privacy policy.

3. How does Atlas VPN’s free speed compare to other free VPNs?

  • Atlas VPN is faster than some, but expect a noticeable slowdown compared to your regular connection.

4. What are some good alternatives to Atlas VPN’s free version?

5. What benefits does Atlas VPN premium offer over the free plan?

  • Premium unlocks unlimited data, faster speeds, more server locations, and enhanced privacy features.

6. Does Atlas VPN free work with Netflix US?

  • Atlas VPN can sometimes unblock Netflix US, but results vary. Expect some trial and error to find a server that works.

7. Can I use Atlas VPN free for online shopping from other countries?

  • Potentially, but the slow speeds and limited server locations could make browsing online stores sluggish and may not get you the local prices you’re hoping for.

8. Is Atlas VPN free good for online gaming?

  • Generally not. The data limit and speed slowdown will likely cause lag and frustration in most online games.

9. Does Atlas VPN’s free version have a kill switch?

  • Yes! This is important for ensuring your data doesn’t accidentally leak if the VPN connection drops.

10. Can I get more data with Atlas VPN free?

  • Besides the standard 5GB, the only way is to refer friends to earn bonus premium access for a limited time.


Now to wrap up our Atlas VPN free plan review, Atlas VPN provides a decent level of privacy and can even unblock some streaming sites. However, its limitations make it best suited for light, occasional use. If you find yourself needing more data, faster speeds, or a wider range of server options, consider exploring Atlas VPN’s premium tier or comparing it to other VPN providers.

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