Your Secret Productivity Weapon: How to Use Like a Pro Tutorial

Tired of playing secretary instead of being the meeting MVP? Or maybe those brilliant ideas from brainstorming sessions vanish faster than coffee on a Monday morning. It’s time to unleash the power of and let your ideas flow while it does the heavy lifting!, our favorite AI transcription tool, swoops in to save the day. It’s time to upgrade your productivity game!

In this ultimate guide, we’ll share all the tips and tricks to make work for you. Get ready to transform your workflow and boost your productivity! Review review and use cases

We delved into why this AI transcription tool is a productivity game-changer. If you’re new to, we highly recommend checking it out. You’ll get a deeper understanding of its features, pricing, and overall benefits. Click here to read the review

Getting Started with


The U.S. Department of Education highlights as a tool that “supports accessibility and inclusivity in educational settings by providing real-time transcription services that benefit students with diverse learning needs.”

How to Setup

  • Create Your Account: Head to and take advantage of their free “Basic” plan. You’ll get 600 free transcription minutes per month – plenty to test the waters. (Need more? We’ll discuss their paid plans later).
  • Choose Your Weapon: Mobile or Desktop? offers both a slick web app (perfect for your computer) and a mobile app (ideal for notes on the go). Download and experiment to find your preference.
  • The Power of AI: The beauty of lies in its simplicity, but it’s worth noting the tech under the hood. It uses advanced AI to understand accents, differentiate speakers, and even learn industry-specific terms for top-notch accuracy.
  • Account Settings: Explore and adjust your account settings early on for a smoother experience.

How to Use for Free: Unleash Productivity Without Breaking the Bank’s free “Basic” plan is a fantastic way to experience the power of AI transcription without any cost. Here’s what you get to enjoy:

  • 600 Free Minutes Per Month: This lets you transcribe a good chunk of meetings, lectures, interviews, or anything else that throws your note-taking skills into a frenzy.
  • Real-Time Transcription: Witness the magic of AI! Your conversations will be transcribed live, allowing you to follow along and focus on the discussion.
  • Speaker Identification: Say goodbye to deciphering who said what! automatically identifies each speaker, keeping your transcript clear and organized.
  • Basic Highlighting & Commenting: Want to emphasize key points or add your own insights? No problem! The free plan allows basic highlighting and commenting tools to tailor your transcripts.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Work from anywhere! Use on your desktop web app or mobile app, seamlessly switching between devices.

Limitations to Consider: If you find yourself needing more, offers paid plans with additional features like:

  • Increased monthly transcription minutes
  • Exporting transcripts in different formats
  • Advanced collaboration features
  • Priority customer support

However, the free plan is a powerful solution for many users who simply want to ditch messy notes and embrace efficient transcription.

How to Transcribe Meeting with

Before the Meeting:

  • Sound Check: A clear recording is key! Test your mic beforehand (whether on a laptop, phone, or even a separate recording device).
  • Prep Otter: If the meeting has specific terminology, add it to’s custom vocabulary for greater accuracy.

During the Meeting:

  • Hit Record: Launch and start a new recording. Place your device centrally to capture all speakers.
  • Focus: No more frantic scribbling! Be fully present in the conversation, knowing has your back.

After the Meeting:

  • Find Your Transcript: processes your recording in the background. Your transcript will magically appear in your list of conversations.
  • Edit and Refine: While is impressive, proofread for maximum accuracy, especially when dealing with technical terms.
  • Share the Knowledge: Collaborate effortlessly! Share the transcript with teammates, add comments, and highlight key points.

Pro-Tip: can even transcribe existing audio files. Got a recording of a past meeting? Upload it and unlock those forgotten insights!

How to Use for Research Interviews

Before the Interview:

  • Prep for Accuracy: Provide a list of expected participants’ names and any specialized vocabulary to ensure proper transcription.
  • Recording Best Practices: Discuss the best audio setup with your interviewee. Explain how a clear recording benefits the accuracy of the transcript.

During the Interview:

  • Record with Care: Start the recording, ensuring you capture the conversation clearly.
  • Take Light Notes: Jot down important timestamps or non-verbal cues to reference later in the transcript.

After the Interview:

  • Search Within:’s powerful search function lets you jump straight to specific topics and keywords mentioned during the interview.
  • Highlight & Annotate: Mark crucial sections and add your own notes directly to the transcript for streamlined analysis.
  • Data Goldmine: turns your interview into a rich, searchable source of qualitative data.

Pro-Tip: Consider’s paid plans for longer interviews and advanced collaboration features if your research is extensive. Integrations: Streamline Your Workflow Across Platforms Integrations: with Zoom, google meet, and Teams’s true power shines when paired with your favorite communication and collaboration tools. Let’s explore how to seamlessly integrate it with popular platforms:

How to Use with Google Meet

Never miss a crucial detail during your Google Meet calls! Here’s how to connect for automated transcriptions and note-taking:

  1. Install the Chrome Extension: Find the “ Chrome Extension” in the Chrome Web Store and add it to your browser.
  2. Connect Your Accounts: Within the extension, follow the simple steps to link your and Google accounts.
  3. Transcribe in Real-Time: Once integrated, will automatically join your Google Meet calls and begin live transcription.
  4. Access Your Notes: After the call, find your detailed transcript directly within your account, ready for review and sharing.

Pro-Tip:’s Google Meet integration works smoothly for both free and paid plans!

How to Use with Teams

Bring the power of AI transcription to your Microsoft Teams workspace. Here’s how to get started:

  1. The Teams App: Within the Microsoft Teams App Store, search for “” and install the official app.
  2. Account Connection: The app will guide you through linking your account to your Teams workspace.
  3. Join the Call: Invite the “” bot to your Teams meeting. It will seamlessly join and begin transcribing in real-time.
  4. Review and Share: automatically saves your transcripts so you can access, edit, and share them directly within your Teams channels or your account.

Important Note:’s Teams integration offers different functionality depending on your Teams subscription. Check their documentation for specific limitations on your plan.

Pro-Tip: Use Teams channels to share relevant transcripts, keeping your team on the same page and fostering collaboration around meeting insights.

How to Use with Zoom

Transform your Zoom meetings into effortlessly searchable knowledge hubs with Here’s how to set it up:

  1. Find the Integration: Within your account settings, navigate to “Apps” and locate the Zoom integration.
  2. Connect Accounts: Follow the prompts to link your account with your Zoom account.
  3. Automatic Summaries (And More!): With Otter Assistant (paid feature), will auto-join scheduled Zoom meetings, transcribe them, and deliver insightful summaries.
  4. Live Transcription: For meetings where you don’t use Otter Assistant, you can still invite the bot directly into the Zoom call for live transcription.

Pro-Tip: Customize how shares Zoom summaries – send them via email, to designated Slack channels, or within your workspace.

Additional Perks of Zoom Integration:

  • Speaker Identification: Keep track of who said what in those lively Zoom discussions.
  • Image Capture: Otter Assistant can even snapshot slides presented during your meetings!

Tips and Tricks for Integrated Apps

  • Zoom: Scheduling Magic for Otter Assistant
    • Leverage Otter Assistant’s power by ensuring your key meetings where you want summaries are scheduled Zoom calls. This triggers to automatically handle the note-taking for you.
    • Set Zoom calls to record to the cloud for enhanced content capture in case slide images are crucial for your workflow.
  • Google Meet: Quick Transcript Access
    • Use the Chrome extension to instantly open your Google Meet transcript directly at the end of the call, saving you time navigating to your workspace.
    • Pin the Chrome extension for one-click access whenever you’re in a Google Meet window.
  • Teams: Collaboration Central
    • Share transcripts to designated Teams channels based on the meeting topic to keep relevant discussions flowing and insights accessible.
    • Use the built-in search functions within Teams to quickly find references to past meeting topics when transcripts are shared.

General Integration Tips

  • Permissions: Double-check the permissions you’ve granted within each platform to ensure smooth operation and access.

Pro-Tip: Explore Zapier! If doesn’t have a direct integration with a tool you frequently use, see if Zapier can create workflows to bridge the gap and automate additional tasks.

Expanding’s Reach: With Zapier

While integrates seamlessly with popular platforms, Zapier unlocks even wider possibilities. Think of Zapier as a magical automation bridge between different apps. Here’s how it empowers your workflow:

Connect Apps Beyond Direct Integrations: Does not directly connect with your favorite project management tool or CRM? Zapier often fills the gap! Create “Zaps” (automated workflows) to trigger actions when your transcripts are ready.

Example Zaps for Inspiration:

  • New Transcript to Trello Card: Automatically create a Trello card with a link to your transcript for project tracking and follow-up tasks.
  • Meeting Notes to Google Sheets: Push essential meeting highlights from into a shared Google Sheet for team updates and analysis.
  • Recordings to Dropbox: Have new recordings automatically saved to a designated Dropbox folder for organized archiving.

The Power of Customization: Zapier lets you tailor these workflows with filters and additional steps. For example, send only transcripts tagged as “Client Meeting” to your CRM.

How to Get Started:

  1. Accounts: You’ll need both an and a Zapier account (Zapier has free and paid plans).
  2. Explore!: Browse Zapier’s library of pre-made “Zaps” for a quick start or build your custom workflows from scratch.

Specific Use Cases for Students

  • Lecture Capture: Focus and engage during class, record lectures, and turn them into searchable study notes.
  • Study Groups: Collaborate effortlessly! Share transcripts to fill gaps in individual notes and identify key discussion points.
  • Accessibility Boost: Transcripts provide alternative learning materials, benefiting students with different learning styles or hearing disabilities.
  • Explore more: ACCESSIBLE TECHNOLOGY AT Speech-to-Text Technology for Researchers

  • Interview Powerhouse: Accurately transcribe interviews with participants, search for keywords, and analyze your qualitative data.
  • Focus Group Facilitator: Use transcripts to identify patterns, trends, and key takeaways from your focus group discussions.
  • Collaboration Hub: Share transcripts and annotations securely within your research team. for Journalists

  • Interview Efficiency: Quickly find soundbites and verify quotes, saving hours spent reviewing recordings.
  • The Fast Transcript: Get breaking news stories published quicker with easily searchable interview transcripts.
  • Meeting Minutes Maestro: Transcribe press conferences and source briefings with ease.

Embrace AI Productivity with

If you’re drowning in chaotic notes, missing insights, and wasting precious time, it’s time to give a try. Think of it as your AI-powered productivity sidekick, unlocking the following benefits:

  • Effortless Note-Taking: Capture more with less stress.
  • Increased Focus: Be present in the moment, not buried in scribbles.
  • Actionable Insights: Find those hidden gems in your conversations.
  • Boosted Collaboration: Seamlessly share transcripts and insights.

Ready to transform the way you work and learn? Start your journey today – even the free version offers incredible value. Let us know how it revolutionizes your productivity in the comments below!


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