Speedify Free VPN Review 2024: What It’s Good For… and What It’s Not

Welcome to another VPN review! If you’re on the hunt for the perfect free VPN, you’re in the right place. before we jump into Speedify Free VPN, make sure to check out my previous post where I covered the Best Free VPN 2024: A Thorough Exploration and Guide. It’s a goldmine of information that can help you find the ideal VPN for your needs. Now, Let’s roll!

Speedify Free VPN Review 

Fed up with free VPNs that throttle your speed? Speedify promises to be different – but does its free plan actually cut the mustard? We put it to the test for streaming, torrenting, protecting your online life, and more

Ditch Those Slowpoke Free VPNs? I Tried Speedify Free VPN & Here’s the Deal…Speedify Free VPN Review

Speedify Free VPN Features

  • ⛔Multi-hop: No
  • ⛔Camouflage Mode: No
  • ✅Kill switch: Yes
  • ✅Split Tunneling: Yes
  • ✅Netflix: Yes
  • ✅Torrenting: Yes
  • 🔗Website: Speedify VPN Website

The Good

  • True to Its Name: Speedify delivers noticeable speed improvements compared to many free VPNs. Browsing, and even some light streaming, feel snappier.
  • Global Connections: Servers in 50 countries means good flexibility in where you can “pretend” to be online. Great for unblocking some geo-restricted content.
  • Easy to Use: If you’re not a tech whiz, Speedify’s simple app is a relief. Connect with a few clicks and you’re ready to go.
  • Reliable Connections: Perfect for those who hate when a VPN suddenly drops out. Speedify aims for rock-solid stability.

The Bad

  • That 2GB Data Limit: This is the biggie. It’s fine for secure browsing and the occasional video, but heavy streamers and downloaders will hit the limit quickly.
  • One Device at a Time: Got a phone, laptop, etc.? You can only protect one at once, which is inconvenient for most people.
  • Netflix is a Maybe: Speedify can sometimes unblock Netflix, but it’s hit or miss.

Who is Speedify Free VPN Best For?

  • Those Frustrated by Slow VPNs: If speed is your top priority, Speedify is worth considering.
  • Privacy Seekers on a Budget: Speedify takes security seriously, making it a good choice for safer browsing on public Wi-Fi, especially within that data limit.
  • People Who Want Things Simple: If complex settings scare you off, Speedify’s ease of use is a major plus.

Who Might Want Something Different

  • Heavy Downloaders & Streamers: That 2GB will disappear fast! Consider a paid service if data is your primary concern.
  • Multi-Device Households: One connection at a time is a pain. Look for services with true multi-device support.
  • Those Needing Advanced Features: Things like stealth modes and specific protocols aren’t found in the free plan.

The Verdict

Speedify’s free VPN delivers on its promise of a smoother online experience – IF you understand its limitations. For those prioritizing speed and simplicity over unlimited data, it’s a contender. But don’t expect it to magically make a slow internet connection blazingly fast.

  • Ready to try it on your PC? Grab Speedify’s free VPN download here.

We Put Speedify Free VPN to the Test


  • Technically Allowed: Speedify doesn’t forbid torrent traffic on their free plan.
  • The Speed Factor: That 2GB data limit is the main issue. It’s fine for the occasional small torrent, but heavy downloading will eat through it quickly.
  • Privacy Note: While Speedify has a decent security reputation, it’s worth reading their logging policy in detail if you’re sensitive about torrenting activity.


Speedify free vpn netflix

  • Hit or Miss: Speedify does work with Netflix sometimes, but which servers work changes frequently as Netflix cracks down.
  • Speed Matters Even More: Slowdowns on free VPNs make streaming frustrating. Speedify’s speed advantage helps… until you hit that data cap.
  • Bottom Line: If reliable Netflix access is a must, a premium VPN is generally a better bet.


  • Compatibility Check: Make sure there’s a Speedify app in your Firestick’s Amazon Appstore.
  • Sideloading Potential: If not, you might be able to sideload the Android APK, but that’s more technical.
  • The Limitation Stings: The 2GB data cap is even more restrictive on Firestick, where you likely use it for streaming.
  • Account Limits: Remember, your free Speedify account still only lets you protect one device at a time – annoying if you use the VPN on other gadgets.

Accessing Social Media in Restricted Areas

  • Potential for Bypassing: Speedify’s servers in many countries could help circumvent blocks. However, success depends on the specific restrictions in place.
  • Speed is Key: Slow VPNs make social media painful. Speedify’s advantage here makes it worth attempting.
  • Expect Some Trial and Error: Sites and governments actively fight VPNs, so a server that worked yesterday might be blocked tomorrow.

Online Gaming

  • The Speed Advantage… With a Caveat: Speedify’s focus on minimizing slowdown is theoretically good for gaming. But that 2GB data cap is a major hurdle for most online games that gobble up data.
  • Ping Matters More: Speedify can’t fix your baseline internet connection. If your ping is high, even the fastest VPN won’t magically create a lag-free gaming experience.
  • Game-Specific Restrictions: Some online games actively block VPNs to combat cheating. Speedify likely won’t help there.
  • The Bottom Line: Speedify’s free plan is only suitable for very casual online games with low data usage, and even then, expect a noticeable increase in ping.

Online Banking

  • Security Boost: Using any VPN adds a layer of protection on public Wi-Fi, which is great for banking. Speedify’s encryption makes your data harder for snoops to intercept.
  • Location Changes Could Be an Issue: Banks are sensitive to sudden logins from unusual locations. If Speedify makes it look like you’re in a different country, it might trigger extra security checks.
  • Speed Matters (But Less): You want banking to be snappy. Speedify’s speed optimizations are a plus, though not as critical as for gaming.

Additional Consideration

  • Reliability for the Win: Speedify’s emphasis on connection stability is nice. You don’t want your VPN cutting out in the middle of a banking session!

The Verdict

Speedify’s free plan enhances online banking security, but be aware of potential location-based hiccups. For gaming, it’s mostly a no-go unless you play very specific, low-data-usage titles.

Speedify VPN Alternatives:

ProtonVPN: Unlimited Data, But Is It Worth the Tradeoffs in 2024?
protonvpn free review

  • The Unlimited Data Draw: ProtonVPN doesn’t cap your usage. Great for heavier browsing, some streaming, etc.
  • Privacy Focus: Strong security and emphasis on not logging your activity.
  • The Tradeoff: Speeds can be slower, and you get fewer server locations than Speedify.

Windscribe: Your Gateway to 10GB of Netflix Bliss and Online Security!
Windscribe unlock netflix geo restriction

  • More Data Than Speedify: Offers a generous 10GB monthly.
  • Wider Server Network: Good for bypassing geo-restrictions that Speedify might struggle with.
  • The Tradeoff: Speeds aren’t always the most consistent compared to Speedify’s stability.

TunnelBear: The Best Free VPN You Didn’t Know You Needed!
TunnelBear Free VPN review

  • Super User-Friendly: Easiest to use if you’re intimidated by VPN settings.
  • Cute Factor: Their bear theme is fun, making it less tech-y feeling.
  • The Tradeoff: Tiny data allowance (only 500MB/month), not suitable for heavy use.

PrivadoVPN: Forget Paid VPNs in 2024? This Free VPN Beat Them in My Tests
PrivadoVPN free VPN review

  • Similar to Windscribe: 10GB of data, decent server spread.
  • Stricter Device Limit: Only protects one device at a time, even more restrictive than Speedify.


Speedify VPN FAQs

Is Speedify a free VPN?

  • Yes! Speedify has a free plan with a 2GB monthly data limit, making it a good option for light usage.

Is Speedify a good VPN?

  • It depends on your needs. It excels at connection stability and offers decent speeds for a free VPN. However, it has some limitations in data, streaming, and device connections.

Can I use Speedify with a VPN?

  • Technically no. You can’t run multiple VPNs simultaneously as they’d conflict.

How do I download Speedify VPN?

  • Visit Speedify’s website for direct downloads, or find it on app stores like Google Play or the Amazon Appstore (for Firestick).

Can I use Speedify free VPN for Netflix?

  • It sometimes works, but server access changes frequently due to Netflix blocking. Don’t expect consistent access.

Is Speedify free VPN good for torrenting?

  • It’s allowed, but the 2GB data cap limits it to smaller files. Consider a premium VPN for heavy torrenting.

What’s the difference between Speedify free vs premium?

  • Premium offers unlimited data, way more servers, faster speeds, and advanced features.

Where are Speedify VPN locations?

  • They offer a good spread across 50 countries. Check Speedify’s website for an up-to-date list.

Speedify Free VPN Review Conclusion

Speedify’s free VPN isn’t perfect, but it punches above its weight with decent speeds and a focus on reliable connections. If you need a privacy boost on a budget or crave a smoother browsing experience within that 2GB data limit, it’s likely worth considering. Just don’t expect it to work miracles with Netflix or heavy downloading. Until our next review, Stay Savvy!

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