iAsk.ai Made a HUGE Mistake on a Simple Question – You Won’t Believe What Happened

iASK.ai Review: An AI Search Engine with Potential…But Use With Caution

Asking a search engine about the newest iPhone prices should be easy, right? iAsk.ai confidently gave me an answer…from Jan 2022. Outdated info is one issue, but their ‘Probability of Correctness: 100%’ line made it even worse! Was this an isolated incident, or does this AI search tool have a serious problem? Let’s find out

What is iASK.ai: The AI Search Engine

In a world buzzing with AI advancements, iAsk.AI promises instant, factual answers powered by advanced artificial intelligence. But does it live up to the hype? After putting iAsk.AI to the test, I have some thoughts (and a few warnings) to share.

How iAsk.ai Works (In Theory)

iAsk.ai aims to go beyond traditional search engines:

  • Understands Your Intent: It uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to figure out what you really mean.
  • Taps Into Knowledge: iAsk.ai scours various sources (academic papers, wikis, etc.) for the “best answer”.
  • Delivers Direct Answers: The goal is to give you the information you need, not just a list of websites.

My iAsk.ai Experience: A Reality Check

Let’s dive into some experiments.

iASK.ai vs Google

First, I asked about Heyday AI pricing.

iASK.ai answer:

iASK-AI Seach engine answer about Heyday-Pricing

Google Answer:

Google-answer for Heyday-Pricing

Both iAsk.ai and Google provided outdated information. Pricing information can be tricky to obtain through search engines, and despite our hopes that iASK.ai could provide more accurate details, that wasn’t the case.

Lesson learned? Pricing changes – always verify with the official source, or our website maybe?

This was annoying, but iAsk.ai’s next move was truly infuriating:

“The Probability of this answer being correct is: 100%”


Seriously? When your 100% certain answer is wrong, it shatters trust.

Round Two: Simple Yet Revealing

What is the best AI app?” This should yield some decent suggestions, right? iAsk.ai responded with…a list from 2022! Upon investigating further, the original source was last updated in early 2022. Ouch.

Giving iAsk.ai the Benefit of the Doubt

Let’s be fair. Could there be situations where it shines? I asked, “What are popular AI apps for writing in 2024?”

iASK.ai Answer:

Testing iASK.AI with query "What-are-popular-AI-apps-for-writing-in-2024" iASKAI-answer"

iASK ai sources:

iASK AI sources:

iAsk.AI’s results were half decent, but heavily influenced by established (sometimes questionable) sites that dominate regular search results. e.g., Google

Conclusions (So Far)

  • Outdated Info: A major red flag when dealing with fast-changing topics.
  • “Probability of Correctness”: Don’t fall for this false sense of security.
  • Evergreen Topics Only: Stick to questions about unchanging facts, but always double-check.
  • Be Specific: Date-related queries need clear parameters.
  • Traditional Search Engines Still Rule: For nuanced questions, Google, etc., offer more reliable depth.

Where iAsk.ai Might Have a Place: Best iASK.ai use cases

I’m not writing iAsk.ai off completely. There might be valid use cases:

    A Glimmer of Hope: Summarizing and Tasks

    Things started looking up! I threw a complex article at iAsk.ai (one of my own, about Heyday AI), and it provided a surprisingly decent summary.

    Minor hiccup:

    Smarteverthing.com-iASK.AI typo

    it seems iAsk.ai has a thing for creative typos – this website, SmartEverthing.com, got a playful upgrade to “Smarteverything.com.” Guess catchy can backfire!

    The real bonus? You can feed iAsk.ai links directly for summarizing. That’s a nice time-saver.

    Task Breakdown

    Next, I tested its ability to break down a large project. I queried, “How can I break down the project of Building an Affiliate Website into smaller manageable tasks

    iAsk.ai’s answer was surprisingly on point! It outlined all the essential steps and even revealed that it was tapping into reliable sources for its information. Trust is slightly restored!

    Code Writing: iASK.ai vs ChatGPT

    iASK.ai vs Chatgpt

    My coding experiment highlighted a key difference between iAsk.AI and its popular cousin, ChatGPT. When I asked iAsk.AI to modify a simple HTML snippet, it offered theoretical guidance on how to make elements transparent. While helpful, I was hoping for it to actually rewrite my code.

    ChatGPT often excels in this area. It’s known for generating code snippets or directly modifying provided code, making it a more powerful tool for developers seeking hands-on assistance.

    The Takeaway If you’re casually exploring coding concepts or troubleshooting, iAsk.ai might provide useful insights. But if you need code generation or direct modification, ChatGPT remains the stronger choice.

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    Grammar Check: Does iAsk.AI Correct Your Writing?

    Since many students and professionals rely on AI writing tools, I decided to put iAsk.ai’s grammar-checking skills to the test. Here’s what I did:

    1. The Test: I fed iAsk.AI a short paragraph with several intentional errors, including misspellings, incorrect word choices, and a misplaced comma.
    2. The Results: iAsk.AI surprised me! It caught most of the basic spelling and grammatical errors. It even suggested alternatives for the incorrect word I’d used.
    3. The Limitations: Don’t expect it to solve complex sentence structure issues or offer stylistic advice. It’s focused on basic correctness.

    How Does It Compare?

    Dedicated grammar checkers like Grammarly still hold an edge for in-depth proofreading. However, iAsk.AI offers a decent starting point for catching blatant errors. If you just need a quick check for simple text, it could save you a trip to a separate grammar tool.

    iASK.ai use cases for maximizing productivity

    • Summarizing Skills: Good for distilling articles, but watch for name/link typos.
    • Task Master: Helps break complex projects into manageable chunks.
    • Coding…Not So Much: Better for coding advice than generating code itself. If you’re stuck, iAsk.AI could be a decent place to troubleshoot before turning to full-on search engines.
    • Quick Grammar Check: Catches basic spelling and grammar errors in a pinch. Handy for ensuring your writing is error-free before sending emails or posting online

    Conclusion: iAsk.ai – Use It Smart, Not Blindly

    iAsk.ai is an intriguing AI search engine. It has flashes of brilliance but also areas where it falls short. Keep these takeaways in mind:

    • Best For:
      • Quick summaries of articles (with proofreading!)
      • Breaking down projects into simple steps
      • Getting basic definitions or well-established facts
    • Use with Caution:
      • Outdated information is a risk
      • The “Probability of Correctness” is misleading
      • Doesn’t replace in-depth research with traditional search engines
    • Might Also Be Useful For:
      • Brainstorming ideas (but verify everything)
      • Coding troubleshooting tips


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